Build Fun, Fulfilling, Profitable and Sustainable Soul Aligned Business

Gain the clarity, mindset, energy and direction to reach your true potential, impact the world and live with prosperity and abundance doing what you LOVE

Make an impact and earn premium compensation doing what you LOVE!

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Align your Energy and Mindset

Breakthrough from the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in procrastination mode. Build the confidence to be seen and implement the strategies to get real results in your business

Gain Clarity and Direction

Be clear on your divine purpose, your zone of genius to set you on your path of fulfillment and true potential. Set amazing goals (that right now don't seem far fetched or scary!). Identify your ideal client that you LOVE to work with and who LOVEs to work with you 

Make a Bigger Impact while Earning More

Be the go to expert, learn the most robust and authentic strategies to get more leads and attract more clients.  Automate processes for bigger impact and higher earning with less effort

If you are somebody who is driven to make the world a better place, eager to live your purpose and unleash your true potential while receiving the compensation that you deserve, then this program is FOR YOU


This program is for you if you are (any of the below):

  • Stuck in under earning and not making the impact that you want to make in the world
  • Currently doing healing, coaching, transformational or wellness services and looking to create control and consistency of getting more clients to grow your business
  • Wanting to get out of a job and start your business or fully transitioning into doing what you love and you want to follow and effective way 
  • Tired and confused with all the ideas out there on how to grow your business but nothing seems to work, or you procrastinate, or don't have the energy and confidence to implement
  • You feel like you're destined for something bigger yet your reality is holding you back

Selling is a DIVINE service. If you know in your heart that you can help transform people's lives, and you shy away from selling and influencing others to take the step to heal and improve their life, then you are dis-serving the people that you are supposed to help!

 - Lara Cattan

Soul Business Mastery Program

Whether you're just launching your practice or you want to take our business to the next level, this program can help you get consistent results faster and easier ...

This program is designed by a coach / healer for coaches, healers and knowledge experts, so you can make sure that this matches your energy and your mentality as a change maker and a business owner and helps you keep the momentum. No more wasting time over programs and ideas that don't work neither match your ideals and values or don't even cater for the MINDSET! No more following inauthentic strategies or paying for Ads that don't work!

It is all about being proactive and in charge of your own destiny. It has the most advanced & ethical selling and marketing strategies broken step by step to get you predictable results in your business where you get to impact more people while being more profitable and sustainable. That in addition to the coaching and accountability you need to execute! No more waiting for word of mouth and uncontrollable events to generate business!

Why only transform dozens of people's lives if you can help hundreds (or even thousands)? Scale and automate your business to attract the right clients that will value your work while having more control over your time. It's about working smarter, not harder, while attracting more clients and helping more people gain results. No more frustration and missing the joys of life to fulfill your purpose!

Be part of a community of like minded experts who up for changing the world and are on the same journey; building soul aligned businesses and taking it to the next level. Stay motivated, gain momentum, learn from a powerful community, create partnerships, and even make some good friends! No more feeling alone and doing it entirely all by yourself!

"Lara's program came timely for me. While I was feeling stuck without a sense of direction as to how to take my business to reach my goals, Lara provided me with a clear structure to follow with applicable tools and strategies to attract my ideal client and best serve my niche. The work we did together is multilayered and was purposeful in establishing myself as an expert in my field. I'm grateful for the sense of direction and clarity it brought me."


"I took the soul business mastery program with Lara. Lara has guided me patiently through this process since everything was foreign & new to me. The program helped me to realize a lot of things about business, and selling myself and my product that I didn’t know about. It helped me see things from a different perspective to ensure the success of my program. The program gave me accountability, structure, and a good direction, and helped me to execute and stay on track. Lara was next to me when I was resistant to move forward, by removing my limiting negative beliefs. I am thankful that Lara was the catalyst on this journey to success."

Zeina Abboud
Thetahealer and Health Coach


If you're someone who know in your heart that you can serve people and make a difference in their life, but you're still confused on how to go about it, or you feel that you're stuck at a certain success level and not able to make the impact and generate the results that you want. Then this program is for you.

This is NOT another course or 'do it yourself' kind of training, where after the initial high and excitement of learning you realize you are lacking the clarity, guidance, accountability and follow through ....

This is a fully immersive virtual experience that’ll allow you to work hand in hand with Lara as you follow her proven path to business success in the wellness and knowledge industry ...

The Soul Business Mastery Program takes you from discovering exactly what your unique power is and who to share it with, launching it to the world to make it real and gaining next level organic and paid marketing tactics to scale your impact and success. This opportunity is not for everyone, but if you are someone committed to your next level of life and know that more advanced support from someone who has done it before can get you there, then it all starts with a simple application and phone call. Click below to get started!


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