When You Should Quit Your Goals?

Sep 03, 2019


Are you struggling with getting momentum to achieve your goals? Do you sometimes question if you are on the right path or wonder if you're doing the right things? Do you find yourself moving from one idea to the next but you never seem to follow through or complete projects till the very end? Are you constantly aiming for that perfect action at the perfect time that guarantees success which you never really take? 

If you know me in person, you know that I'm not a quitter and I'm the last person on earth who would talk people out of going after their dreams. Quite the contrary! But I also know that we live in a time and age where we are continuously bombarded with messages on how success should look like, and a lot of fluff that we are unique and entitled to achieve that success and enjoy all the privileges that come with it, just because we want to, or because we somehow deserve it, with no consideration to...

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This One Thing Will Determine If You'll Be Successful or Not

Aug 25, 2019

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be successful? Wondering if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur or to go to your next level? Are you wondering how some people seem to have an unbelievable amount of success and incredible momentum moving forward, while others fall behind, struggle to get by and sometimes quit altogether?

 All external factors aside, if you find yourself asking ‘Am I cut out for this?’ I want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, almost everyone doubt themselves at many points of their career. Successful people doubt themselves too. But doubt does not have to be a bad thing; because doubt gives you a signal that something is not working and that you need to up your game. And that’s an awesome thing,

Because without doubt, you’ll continue doing the same thing over and over again, and you won’t have the drive to grow, try different things and strive to get better.

 I’ve personally dealt with doubt a...

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How to boost your employees performance

Aug 21, 2019

 Are you struggling with low contribution and results from your employees? Do you feel that if you were to look in the other direction for even one minute that your employees will drop the ball on you? That no matter what you do, you don’t feel the loyalty and devotion of your employees? 

Your employees don’t care anymore. They are not trying hard enough to solve problems. You keep dealing with high absenteeism and turn over rates.

You are frustrated that you can’t find good people these days to do the hard work. 

At the end of the day, you are focused on results, the numbers, and the bottom line. You are pressured with deadlines and unbelievable targets and you are trying to do whatever necessary to meet those targets, but your people are not on the same boat with you. 


As much as your focus on performance and results is fundamental for business survival and growth but being overly focused and obsessed about results could be the same...

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Entrepreneurship Alert: Could coaching be the answer to keeping your momentum?

Dec 18, 2018

One thing that we all agree upon when describing Entrepreneurship is that it can get very tough. I mean we love it, we wouldn’t swap this for the world, but it's hard! You have those days where everything is going for you and you’re over the moon and the next day you come crashing down and burning to the ground. It’s a hell of an emotional roller coaster; it can get very lonely and very frustrating and it becomes easy to fall off course.

So what can you do about this? How can you overcome obstacles and stay on track on your march to success? How can you ensure that you’re making the right decisions for your business?

One way that can really help you navigate the harsh challenges of the entrepreneurship world and give you the energy to move forward is by hiring a coach. Coaching provides a roadmap for enhancing overall performance, developing behavior and skills for success, and offering a fresh perspective on business and personal challenges.

Here are 7...

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