How To Amplify Your Influence To Achieve Your Goals FASTER

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Being influential is one of the main habits that lead to higher levels of performance and long-term consistent success. Influence is EVERYTHING. If you don’t have the influence to make people believe in you, buy from you, invest you or follow your vision, how far do you think you will get ahead? Not that far, I reckon!

 If you feel that you’re not advancing as much as you should be now? If you are frustrated that you feel that other people are passing you by and going to their next level while you’re feeling stuck where you are? If you’re wondering how on earth other people advance faster while you are the one who is working hard and doing your best every single day? If you are disappointed that your family, your partner, your friends or other people are not supporting you on your journey?

 Then you need to look at your influence level. Here is the thing, a lot of high achievers think that if they have good intentions, they work harder and faster than anybody else, they do things better than most folks, then naturally that means that they will advance further than everybody else.

 But then they get hit by reality and realize that it’s not always the case. They get frustrated and disappointment and start blaming, circumstances, other people, life or even luck for not getting ahead. But here’s the truth, although being smarter and working harder can give you an advantage over your peers and can even thrust you forward at the beginning of your career. But going to your next level success takes more than that.

 A big factor is your ability to influence others so that they can support you on your journey and help you achieve goals faster. The biggest study made on high performance clearly shows us that the most successful people in the world are incredibly influential and that’s why they get ahead faster and further than their peers.

If you want to know how you stack up on influence against the most successful people on earth, I have designed a quiz to help you assess your influence level on give you an idea of what you need to focus on to take your influence to the next level. As a Certified High-Performance Coach, I have based this quiz on the High-Performance Index assessment conducted by the High-performance Institute in US. So be assured that this is not just a random quiz, this is a real assessment based on the largest study ever made on High Performance and success.

If you still haven’t taken the assessment, I highly recommend going ahead and taking it right now before you continue reading, because it will give you a good understanding of where you are in terms of influence and give you some ideas on how you can go to your next level in terms of influence and overall success. To take the assessment, click here.

If you are a leader, influence becomes even more important. As a leader you want to be able to influence others, communicate to them a compelling vision and get them to believe in you and follow you to the finish line.

So how do you build influence?

 A good starting point would be to understand these fundamentals:

  1. Take people with you on the journey

To be influential you have to consider other people along the journey and care for their advancement as well. A lot of people think that in order to advance they need to be independent and do things on their own. And yes independence is very important, you have to reach to independence if you want to achieve anything in life. With independence you become proactive and able to organize and execute.

Independence is a higher value than dependence but independence on its own can get you so far. The next level of success and maturity relies on interdependence, which is being able to build rich, enduring, synergetic and highly productive relationships with other people.

  1. Build the emotional bank account

Same as the financial bank account, we have an emotional bank account with other people, we deposit into it and withdraw from it when needed.

If you treat others with respect, courtesy, honesty, caring, kindness, giving them recognition and keeping the commitments you make for them, then you build up a reserve in the emotional bank account. You build trust with others, which increases your influence.

If you treat people otherwise then the emotional account will be withdrawn. The trust will be very low and this dramatically reduces your ability to influence others.

  1. Think win/win

It’s about considering What’s In It For Them (WIIFT) and seeking mutual benefit for the different interactions. It’s about collaboration and cooperation to find a higher value solution that benefits everyone involved.

It’s based on the paradigm that there is plenty for everyone and that your success is not achieved at the expense or exclusion of others. When you think Win/Win and you communicate it clearly, you build trust in the relationship and you inspire others to work with you to find the best solution that benefits all parties.



About the Author

Hey there! I’m Lara Cattan. I’m a Certified High Performance Coach and a fanatic when it comes to self-growth and success strategies. My passion is teaching and coaching entrepreneurs and high achievers how to overcome their obstacles, breakthrough to their next level of success, and amplify their business results while enjoying what they do.


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