Entrepreneurship Alert: Could coaching be the answer to keeping your momentum?

coaching Dec 18, 2018

One thing that we all agree upon when describing Entrepreneurship is that it can get very tough. I mean we love it, we wouldn’t swap this for the world, but it's hard! You have those days where everything is going for you and you’re over the moon and the next day you come crashing down and burning to the ground. It’s a hell of an emotional roller coaster; it can get very lonely and very frustrating and it becomes easy to fall off course.

So what can you do about this? How can you overcome obstacles and stay on track on your march to success? How can you ensure that you’re making the right decisions for your business?

One way that can really help you navigate the harsh challenges of the entrepreneurship world and give you the energy to move forward is by hiring a coach. Coaching provides a roadmap for enhancing overall performance, developing behavior and skills for success, and offering a fresh perspective on business and personal challenges.

Here are 7 reasons why you probably need a coach:

1. Vent out.

Entrepreneurship can be really tough, there is tremendous pressure and most of the time you have a million mind-boggling obstacles; you’re financially pressured, you want to be able to provide to your family, you’re worried about paying salaries and bills, there is an endless to-do list, you’re wearing different hats at the same time … etc.

All of this can drive you mad if you don’t share it with someone. You definitely can’t share everything with your team (if you have any) especially the doubts and insecurities, and you can’t keep talking about work with family and friends either, because first, you don’t want to get them all worked out and worried and second, they don’t always understand what you’re really going through.

Lastly, you also don’t need a therapist, you just need to speak to someone who understands, asks you thoughtful questions to help you with your thinking process and give you the right tools to manage your mindset.


2. Make the right decisions.

 You make big decisions every single day, but how do you make sure you are making the right decisions? How do you choose the right co-founder or the right team? Which strategies are you going to prioritize and what should be your next steps?

These are all big decisions that are extremely tough to make on your own especially that we all have blind spots while making decisions. We sometimes make decisions based on previous patterns, experiences, and perceptions and so by nature our decision-making process is biased and may not always serve us in the best way.

 As entrepreneurs, we all know that making fast decisions are key to keeping momentum and launching forward, but one bad decision can jeopardize our progress or even our business altogether. So, when making big decisions who do you run your decisions by? How do you make sure that you have the right perspective for decision making? How do you make sure that you are not making unwise decisions from a bad place like desperation or exhaustion?

 A coach is someone who has the skills and the perspective to steer the conversation to a place where you can find the clarity to make the right decisions for your business and for your life. If you were to make a mistake, a coach will also be there for you and can help you quickly bounce back, recover and get you back on your feet again.


3. Develop your skills.

Entrepreneurs are fast-paced highly driven and ambitious individuals who are on a mission to conquer the world (or at least their world). While these qualities are very admirable, inspiring and frankly useful in this space, we forget to hone other really important skills such as leadership, positive influence and persuasion that can allow us to rally our team and stakeholders around us and ensure that we get the buy-in and the support needed to move forward with our mission.

When you have a coach that is helping you to build your leadership and communication skills in an expedited and targeted way, then you can move forward at the right pace while avoiding those crisis situations of having your team bailing on you, or half of your executive team taking off!


4. Get a ton of energy:

A mentor once said to me that the currency of entrepreneurs is energy. It’s not time! Because when we run out of energy, we waste a lot of time, but when we have loads of energy and we're on fire, we use every second of our time wisely. 

Working with a coach helps you generate tons of energy by cheering you on, giving you fresh perspectives and the right mechanisms to destress, think objectively, and build your confidence. Along with the right tools and strategies your weekly productivity can go up by at least 30%.


5. Improve your life and personal relationships.

 It's very easy for entrepreneurs to prioritize and obsess about their business and in the process neglect everything around them. This adds a lot of pressure to their relationships with their partners, family, and friends. Like everything in life, when we stop investing in these areas of our lives, they start falling apart.

Health and fitness is another thing that gets to be neglected when the going gets tough. All of this reflects negatively on our energy levels and our ability to perform our best in our business.

A coach is someone who works with you holistically to ensure that you keep your focus on the things that truly matter to you so that you can thrive in all areas of your life.


About the Author

Hey there! I’m Lara Cattan. I’m a Certified High Performance Coach and a fanatic when it comes to self-growth and success strategies. My passion is teaching and coaching entrepreneurs and high achievers how to overcome their obstacles, breakthrough to their next level of success, and amplify their business results while enjoying what they do.


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