When You Should Quit Your Goals?

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2019


Are you struggling with getting momentum to achieve your goals? Do you sometimes question if you are on the right path or wonder if you're doing the right things? Do you find yourself moving from one idea to the next but you never seem to follow through or complete projects till the very end? Are you constantly aiming for that perfect action at the perfect time that guarantees success which you never really take? 

If you know me in person, you know that I'm not a quitter and I'm the last person on earth who would talk people out of going after their dreams. Quite the contrary! But I also know that we live in a time and age where we are continuously bombarded with messages on how success should look like, and a lot of fluff that we are unique and entitled to achieve that success and enjoy all the privileges that come with it, just because we want to, or because we somehow deserve it, with no consideration to ground principles and values that lead to that level of success. The end result? You have tons of people feeling frustrated, disappointed, and even depressed for not attaining that level of success, and end up blaming everything and everyone (except themselves) for not getting further ahead.

I get it, achieving goals is hard. Lots of people struggle with keeping momentum on their journey to achieve their goals, including myself! In fact, if you're goals don't scare you and if you find yourself easily and comfortably achieving them, then it probably means that you're aiming too low, and you're not living up to your potential.

When To Drop The Ball

But if you also find yourself not gaining momentum. You feel like you're going in circles. You're trying to take action but you're struggling to be consistent, or you keep giving up because you just don't see results; then it's time for a reality check. Because if you are not buying into the process, then you could be buying into the wrong dream.

Let me quickly explain. For me, my goal is to help entrepreneurs, change-makers and ambitious folks that are driven by impact to overcome their obstacles and amplify their success. I sleep, eat, breathe and live for this mission. It brings me immense joy to inspire and help others transform, and take action to improve their lives. I love coaching and training my clients, but I've realized that part of the way that I also want to fulfill my mission is by writing, expressing my truth, inspiring and sharing strategies and tools for success.

But for a very long time, I got hung up on what’s the best way of doing it? How what and when to write? What channels should I use? Should I post on my personal or business account? What are the best tools to manage my account? … etc. Which are all valid questions of course, but they’re also EXCUSES. The ugly truth is that I was delaying this because I was terrified to put myself out there. To risk expressing my truth and finding out later on - as I continue to grow - that I was wrong. To be vulnerable and share too much about myself. 

But I realized that if I want to help others, serve and make the world a better place then the first and most important metric is to get my message out there regardless how uncomfortable it makes me feel or how imperfect it may be, and the second thing I needed to do is to go and find the best courses or help on the subject. So I had to make a decision. I had to choose what's more important for me; being comfortable or achieving my goals, prioritizing my excuses or my mission, focusing on my fears or my service to others. And I'm sure you've guessed it, since you're here reading my words, that my service to others has won the battle. It may be far from perfect; as a matter of fact a couple of months from today I would probably look back and feel incredibly ashamed and embarrassed about this blog post. But I'm still going to write and serve my audience because this is the only way I could serve, improve and get it 'right' (if there is ever such a thing!).

Although Goal setting is essential and the first step towards achieving anything in life but it's not enough. A lot of people choose an image of success, a goal they’re after, but they are not willing to go through the journey and obstacles that lead to that success. They want the end result, the fame, the private jet, the private villa on some exclusive island. But they don’t want to take the uncomfortable actions to get there. To put themselves out there. To ask for help. To learn. To be vulnerable. To take risks. To face and overcome their shortcomings.

You don't just choose your goals. You also choose the problems and the growth required for you to get it. And the hard truth is, if you’re not choosing to own these problems, if you’re not invested in the process, if you're operating from the wrong values, if you’re not enjoying the journey of continuously facing challenges, growing and overcoming obstacles along the way; then it’s a heck of a good time to ask yourself, are you sure you want this dream? Are you sure you’re not buying into somebody else’s idea for success? 

Because you cannot choose the goal and reject the journey to get there. You can't reach your mountain top, without training months in advance, preparing the gear, getting the map, hiring the guide and trekking continuously for 16 to 20 hours a day to get there!

If you realize that it's not worth it, that you don't want anything to do with the journey, then you don't get to put your flag up on top of that mountain. At least you realize this today rather than wasting months and years of your life chasing a wishful dream. It means you get to rethink your goal and find out what you're really willing to commit to.

Love The Journey

But if you feel in your heart that it’s your goal, you know in your soul that it's your dream; then you have only one choice to make and that is owning and honoring the process to get there. Fall in love with the journey as much as you fall in love with the destination. Take full responsibility and ownership of your goals. Take an imperfect action today. Follow that hunch. Make that decision. Build that skill. Invest in yourself. Do something that scares the hell out you. Do anything except standing still. Because the only way you'll know how to correct the course of your action is by taking action and figuring out what's not working! 

If you choose comfort and playing it safe then you’re choosing the certainty of failure. We’re all comfortable in certainty even when certainty means staying comfortably uncomfortable! So choose uncertainty. Choose discomfort. Decide the price you’re going to pay for success. Because this is where your breakthrough lies; at the extreme opposite end of your comfort.



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